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Ranch Rodeo Results & Photo Gallery

The Ranch Rodeo and Women's Triathlon was held September 1, 2023 at 5:00 pm. Local ranchers and ranch hands competed to show off the skills they use everyday on the ranch. The teams showed off their skills of roping, branding, and other ranch activities.

The ladies competed in a triathlon that included roping a steer, barrel racing and finishing it off with goat tying. They had a choice between a smaller goat or they could shave a few seconds off their time by taking on the goat known as "Big Nasty."

1st Place - Riverbed (30 pts) 2nd Place - Selkirk (25 pts) 3rd Place - Rebel (22 pts) 4th Place - Taylor (19pts)

Women Tri 1st Place - Cate Hirschy 2nd Place - Brooke Hirschy 3rd - Tavy Leno 4th- jessi Farr

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