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Parks Committee Meeting 09/28/2022

Parks Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

City Hall - 4:00 pm

125 N. Idaho St.

Dillon, MT 59725

1. Call the meeting to Order

2. Report from Parks Department – Jason Erickson

 Depot Park – Jason: map of sprinkler system, (Map book)

 Westside Park – Jason will report estimate for automated sprinkler;

  1. Mary Jo will report on power poles.

  2. Jason will report on sprinkler blowouts

  • Westside Park – new swings

  • Other Park issues

3. Update on: Jaycee Park

  •  Budget?????

  •  Summer employee

4. Report from front office on Park rentals

5. Public comment on Items of significant public interest not on the agenda and within the

jurisdiction of the city

PEASE NOTE: The City of Dillon understands that citizens have the right under the

Montana Constitution to observe and participate in local governmental affairs by

personally attending all public meetings of the Dillon City Council and other City boards

and committees. This meeting is open to the public as normal (pre-virus). For those who

are cautious about physically attending, a Zoom link is available. Please contact City Hall

at 683-4245 for the information to join the meeting by Zoom.

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