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Parks Committee Meeting

Parks Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

City Hall - 4:00 pm

125 N. Idaho St.

Dillon, MT 59725

1. Call the meeting to Order

2. Report from Parks Department – Jason Erickson

  •  Vigilante Park: Jason will report on sprinkler blowouts and sun shades

  •  Vigilante Park: New TP dispensers for Vigilante Park

  •  Depot Park – Jason: map of sprinkler system, (Map Book)

  •  Westside Park – Jason will report estimate for automated sprinkler

 Raymond will report on Bicentennial Apartments

  • donation for new swings

Mary Jo will report on power poles.

  •  Other Park issues

3. Update on: Jaycee Park

 Budget – Todd will report on current Parks budget,

budget for summer worker and other known park liabilities. (How much money do we have in the Parks budget, estimate of bills, plan ***

4. Depot Park Parking Plan – Raymond

5. Report from front office on Park rentals/garbage issues

6. Public comment on Items of significant public interest not

on the agenda and within the jurisdiction of the city

Park Committee Members: Mary Jo O’Rourke; Raymond Graham, Joe Brandon

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