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One Last Ride Patriot Guard Helps Transport Veterans Remains Home

A group of Patriot Guard riders pulled into the Town Pump parking lot early Sunday to do what they pledge to do for the veterans of our country. The members of Montana’s Patriot Guard had with them a very special package. They had the remains of a Operation Panama Freedom veteran who passed away in Kalispell and needed to be sent back to his family in California.

The Veteran's wife did not trust having the remains sent through the postal service in fear of them being lost and or mishandled. That is when the Patriot Guard stepped in and offered their assistance to help transport his remains in dignity back to California. Riders met in Kalispell and took possession of the remains and started a pony express type of service across the country.

The Montana chapter carried them from Kalispell to Dillon where they stayed the night, with Jim Cherney the Montana State Captain of the patriot guard. They would then meet up at the big town pump and leave Dillon with a police escort. The riders would then keep on I-15 and head to Dubois Idaho, there they would handoff the remains of the veteran to another patriot group who would help continue his journey home.

In all, multiple Patriot Groups would be involved, and the veteran’s remains would be handed over to his wife and family Monday, September 12th.

For more information on the Patriot Guard click here.

The remains of a Veteran Soldier ride on the back of Mt State Captain Jim Cherney's Indian motorcycle

Patriot Guard members prepare for a chilly ride to Dubois

Members of the Patriot Guard say a prayer before transporting a veterans remains to Dubois Id.

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