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Not Where The Buffalo Roam...

Press release from the Dillon Police Department:

What did the mother buffalo say when the baby buffalo ran away, “Bison”.

On June 1, 2023 at 7:27am the Dillon Police received a complaint about a baby buffalo laying in a yard at Legget St and Johnson St, in Dillon, MT. Dillon Police Officers, Beaverhead County Sheriff Deputies, Montana Live Stock Inspector and Montana Game Wardens responded to the area. It was determined that the baby buffalo is a domesticated animal not a wild buffalo.

The buffalo was captured without injury by the officers and deputies. The buffalo was reunited immediately with the owner.

Dillon City Ordinance: 6.08.010 Keeping of Livestock Prohibited Except for Domestic Chickens Keeping of livestock in the City of Dillon is prohibited except for domestic chickens as described in this chapter or as provided in Title 17 - Zoning. Enc Ord 454 October 4, 2017

Unfortunately, the Yellowstone film crew or Kevin Costner were not on scene.

Remember, when you come across wild animals anytime of the year, if you care leave them there.

Jeremy Alvarez

Chief of Police, Dillon Police Department

Photos and video provided by Beaverhead County Sheriff

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