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New Fulltime Officer, DNRC Flood Plain Presentation, And More At Last Night’s City Council

A short city council meeting was held last night, starting off with the appointing of officer Codie Plotner to permanent full time.

Next on the Agenda was the DNRC Flood Plain presentation. This is a joint project with Beaverhead County, City of Dillon, Lima, and other partners. FEMA was the bulk provider of funding for this project. This project is to produce flood plain maps that help protect people and keep them out of harm’s way. The flood plain maps are based off a hundred-year study. These maps help determine floodplain regulations, help insurance agencies to determine if flood insurance is needed, and local emergency planning. These maps will however need to be updated from time to time. 1982 was the last time Dillon had a flood plain map update. All this can be seen from the 3:30 min mark to the 26-minute mark.

Citizen Request forms council person Mary Jo O'Rourke had a question on a form that was not on the agenda, Todd Hazelbaker made the statement it was an ongoing process, and it is being addressed. He said they would include it on the next report. This can be seen at the 28 min mark.

58 Minute mark a discussion came up about parking on Ore and Pacific street, Council Person Mary Jo O'Rourke wanted to know what the discussion was about. Council Person Don Hand, and Dan Nye both stated they have drove by and did not see a problem with parking.

O’Rourke was under the impression that this had been on the agenda for three months now, and the problem was different than parking.

O’Rourke also stated:

“That he came down and spoke to a couple of neighbors and that possibly a couple of their trees would be cut down.”

Council Person Kenworthy asked “When you refer to, he who is he?”

Council Person O’Rourke responded, “Um Mr. Wassell”

A few more revelations are made on this topic, we invite you to view this and see for yourself. After this discussion, the move to adjourn was given and the meeting ended.

The next meeting, we will Live Stream will be the planning and zoning on October 27th. We invite you to watch it either by Facebook or YouTube. A full copy of the City Council Meeting can be found here.

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