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Museum Host Matt Stanchfield Firearm History Presentation

Thursday, February 15th, the Beaverhead County Museum hosted a presentation on firearms and how they helped in the shaping of American History. Matt Stanchfield, local firearm expert and historian presented to a group of about 50 attendees a short history on certain make and models of firearms and how they helped shape parts of American History.

Matt had ten different models of firearms starting with the Brown Bess. This rifle started in 1719 and was around 1839. A flintlock musket the Brown Bess was used for hunting as well as a defense weapon.

how people lived in this time period gave those a sense of just how tough living in the past was. Made one thankful for the heat and comfort of the Depot Theater, a building some would consider old and outdated.

Matt then went on to give a brief history on the Colt Walker, Springfield 1861, 1860 Henry, 1884 Springfield, 1876 Winchester, 1889 W.W. Greener Shotgun, 1896 US Krag, 1917 US Winchester Enfield, and finally the M-1 Grand.

Matt's knowledge of each firearm along with his humor kept the crowd entertained as well as learning from the firearms that helped shape parts of American History.

After the presentation was over a short Q&A session followed along with a drawing of three prizes followed by a short session where participants could get a closer look at the firearms.

Matt giving a demonstration on the workings of one of many firearms he had brought for the presentation

Drawings at the end of the presentation

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