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More Events Coming Up At Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

WHITEHALL — More interpretive programs have been scheduled at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park.

The park's Friday and Saturday evening events will each begin at 8 p.m. at the campground amphitheater and last about an hour.

  • May 31: Bear Aware: Join us for a talk about bears and discover how to stay safe while recreating in bear country. 

  • June 1: Tick Talk: It's tick season in Montana. Learn about these creatures we love to hate and how to venture forth safely in tick country. 

  • June 7: Ancient Volcanism in Southwestern Montana: Guest speaker Dr. Jesse Mosolf will discuss the tempo and style of volcanism in southwestern Montana, stretching from the Archean Eon to the present, and the tools scientists use to investigate it.

  • June 8: Goodness Snakes Alive!: Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is home to the prairie rattlesnake, the most widespread of all rattlesnakes. Join park staff to learn about these remarkable creatures and how to stay safe when exploring rattlesnake country. 

Guided hikes are planned for the first two Sundays in June. Visitors are encouraged to bring water, sunscreen and study shoes for some quality time outside. Both hikes will begin at 9 a.m. at the main visitor center.

  • June 2: Stroll with us through the campground and see how many of our feathered friends you can spot. Binoculars will be provided for anyone who needs them. 

  • June 9: Flower Power: The park might seem like it's all just sagebrush, grass and juniper. But a closer look reveals the glorious wildflowers that are blooming right now. This 90-minute moderate hike will offer you a new look at the colors of spring in southwestern Montana. 

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is about 15 miles southeast of Whitehall, along Montana Highway 2. For more information about the park, click here or call 406-287-3541.

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