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Montana Western Performing Arts Series Presents “Mythfest”

The University of Montana Western and The Bank of Commerce is pleased to announce its spring virtual performance festival, Mythfest. This online presentation is a collection of performances of new work featuring the stories and songs of homesteaders, ancestors, troubadours, and mystics. The festival features performances by UMW students and faculty under the direction of guest artist Miranda Zent.

Although theaters closed this year, our collective need for human connection became more urgent. UMW Theater staged its series of virtual performances throughout the year acknowledging that creating brings us together in powerful ways.

“Mythfest” performers are students who have had the heroic spirit and energy to create in spite of the challenges of the past year. Working with tools on hand, students filmed themselves with computers and phones, lit scenes with ring lights and desk lamps, found their own costumes and converted their living spaces into virtual stages for weeks of rehearsals and filming for this event. Their performances celebrate the creative and innovative spirit of UMW students.

The performances feature new work by UMW faculty and students, and a story by guest playwright Oscar Giner (Arizona State University).

Watch “Mythfest” free-of-charge April 14-28 at Performers

  • The Troubadour: Jeshua Stradley performs original music for a metal version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and a folk singer waxing nostalgic in an Arizona bordello

  • The Dreamer, The Horse Rider: Tatum Higginbotham performs new work about the death of Billy the Kid and her original poetry celebrating her powerful bond with horses

  • The Mystic: Annmarie Downey performs a poetic vision inspired by the life of a Victorian medium, Cora Hatch

  • The Homesteader: Samantha Gregg performs as a homesteader waiting out a plains blizzard in 1856

  • The Archivist: Judy Ulrich writes and performs stories about her homesteading ancestor

“Mythfest” is part of the UMW Fine Arts Department’s Bank of Commerce Performing Arts series, with additional support by ASUMW/Student Senate. Please contact for additional information.

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