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Montana Recognizes Red Cross Month

Governor Greg Gianforte earlier this month proclaimed March 2022 as Red Cross Month in Montana to recognize the lasting legacy of American Red Cross founder Clara Barton and the organization’s impact in Montana.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt first issued a Red Cross Month proclamation in 1943 to celebrate the lifesaving mission of the organization.

The governor’s proclamation can be viewed here and below.

WHEREAS, in 1881, Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross, turning her steadfast dedication for helping others into a bold mission of preventing and alleviating people’s suffering; and

WHEREAS, today, more than 140 years later, we honor the kindness and generosity of Red Cross volunteers here in Montana, who continue to carry out Clara’s lifesaving legacy; and

WHEREAS, the contributions of local Red Cross volunteers give hope to the most vulnerable in their darkest hours, and their work to prevent and alleviate human suffering is vital to our state’s health and resiliency; and

WHEREAS, in times of crisis, Montanans come together to care for one another, and this humanitarian spirit is exemplified by American Red Cross volunteers and donors; and

WHEREAS, we dedicate this month of March to all those who continue to advance the noble legacy of American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, who lived by her words, “You must never think of anything except the need, and how to meet it,” and ask others to join in this commitment to give back to our communities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Greg Gianforte, Governor of the State of Montana, do hereby proclaim March 2022 to be

RED CROSS MONTH in Montana to celebrate the lasting legacy of Clara Barton and the ongoing contributions of the American Red Cross to our state and communities.

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