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Mental Health Support Services at Montana Western

During the fall semester, the University of Montana Western added new online counseling and mental health resources for students, faculty, and staff, and welcomed Morgan Bialis to the university counseling team. Counseling services are available year-round for students, including during the winter break.

Bialas received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of South Dakota and a master’s degree in family studies and human services with a specialization in marriage and family therapy from Kansas State University in 2017.

Before coming to Montana Western, Bialas provided in-home and school based services to children, and their families, within the Lead and Deadwood communities of South Dakota. She continues to work remotely with clients form South Dakota, part time, via telehealth giving her vast experience in eCounseling services.

“I have felt incredibly at home, supported, and happy from the moment I began introducing myself to our community at UMW! We know that remote students are just as much a part of our community as those who are on-campus, and we want to provide the same opportunities for them despite the distance. I look forward to continuing to build the already established connectedness, authenticity, and support within our Montana Western community,” said Bialas.

In addition to in-person and online counseling options year-round, UMW Counseling Services is now offering three free new ways for students, faculty, and staff to receive mental health support.


ThrivingCampus is a web-based application that gives students, faculty, staff, and the community access to a nationwide network of off-campus mental health providers.

Montana Western’s goal is to make it easier to access off-campus mental health care in the community, across the state of Montana, and across state lines, including telehealth options.

UMW’s on-campus and online counseling services for students are always available, year-round, but access to this comprehensive mental-health care providers listing is an easy-to-use tool to explore what other counseling options may be available and the specialties of hundreds of providers currently accepting new patients. Community providers can also list their practices on the ThrivingCampus website.

Visit the ThrivingCampus website to learn more and view the providers directory:


Kognito is an online training tool centered around mental health and suicide prevention. Kognito’s Mental Health At-Risk Training was developed to bring awareness to mental health issues that college students may face, and to give students, faculty, and staff practical strategies for responding when they recognize students in distress and to respond with appropriate support.

To access the Kognito site for Montana Western, go to:

The “enrollment” keys that faculty/staff and students will use are: Faculty and Staff: westernfaculty, Students: westernstudent.

Once your account is created, you can explore the site and try out the simulation scenarios. After completing the training, participants receive a printable certificate.

Students who complete this training earn 600 paw print points!


All students, staff, and faculty are invited to login to the new online platform, YOU@UMWestern, a 24/7, anonymous online well-being platform. This is a space for users to check in with themselves, set goals, and explore personalized resources created specifically for the University of Montana Western.

Users can create a completely confidential account with their campus credentials and begin exploring the portal. A few of the things that YOU can help with include: tips to adjust to distance and in-person learning, coping with stress and anxiety in a changing world, and maintaining and growing social connections.

New content is being added to YOU on a weekly basis to help support all members of the Bulldog Community. Visit ( to create an account.

Make an Appointment

If you are a student at Montana Western and would like to make an eCounseling or in-person appointment, please contact:

  • Heidi Peterson at 406-683-7180, or email

  • Morgan Bialas at 406-683-7181, or email

To learn more, visit the Student Counseling Services webpage:

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