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March Is Celebrate Music In our Schools Month

“March is designated to celebrate Music in Our Schools Month."

Beaverhead County High School will host a Band and Choir Concert in conjunction with 7th and 8th grade band and choir students from Dillon Middle School and Reichle School. Music, The Sound of My Heart concert will take place on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 7:30 pm in the BW Lodge Gymnasium. Choirs are under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Van Slyke and bands are directed by Mrs. Katie Raffety. There will be a reception hosted by the Dillon Friends of Music in the lobby following the concert.

We welcome the public to attend in person for an evening of music to celebrate the accomplishments of our amazing young musicians. If you choose to join us virtually, the concert will be live-streamed by Southwestern Montana News.

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Where is the live stream?

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