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Local Veterans Take To The Skies Courtesy Of Dream Flights

A few lucky local veterans got to take to the skies in a 1942 Boeing Stearman Trainer plane. The veterans left Pioneer Care around 8:45 a.m. this morning and were escorted to the airport by the Patriot Guard. Once at the airport they were able to inspect the biplane and hear about what made this plane so special. Dream Flights pilot Molly Flanagan talked about the history of how this plane was used as a trainer for pilots then once it reached retirement the larger motor made them ideal for crop dusting. She also explained the dos and don’ts when in and around the plane. Once everyone was ready Veteran P.J. Mahoney was helped into the front seat and buckled in for his dream flight. The flights took participants for a fifteen-minute ride around the skies of Dillon.

Dream Flights is a nonprofit group whose mission statement is as follows:

We Give Back to Those Who Gave

Dream Flights is dedicated to honoring military veterans and seniors with the adventure of a lifetime: a flight in a Boeing Stearman biplane. As we make these heroes' wishes come true, our Dream Flights inspire them to share their stories. We collect, preserve, and share those stories of how they survived through times of great strife to remind us of our shared humanity, our connection to each other and the value of listening. Our Dream Flights close the generation gap and open us up to a clearer understanding of ourselves and our world.

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