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Local Musicians gather To Celebrate Dillon's Lady Of Country Music

Friday night the Old Depot Theater was packed to standing room only as musicians, family members, and friends came together to celebrate Dillon’s own Lady of Country, Boots Lake.

Through the direction of Steve Ingram musicians Monty Hankinson, Whitney, Joel Longie, River Dalasi, Whitney Olsen, Ronnie Russell, Buddy Hughes, and Johnny Bacon and sister Joan Bacon. Took turns singing and playing tunes that either were favorites of Boots or songs that they performed with Boots.

The night had a special guest when Beaverhead EMS showed up with Boot’s herself. Rolling her into the theater she was able to hear the music in person and enjoy the evening with so many others that came out to say thank you for her 30 plus years of entertainment, she has provided to Dillon and the surrounding areas. If you would like to see the concert you can find it here.

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