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Local Jackson Hole World Championship Results

Keith Curtis

Triple Crown & King of Kings

Stock King

Improved King

Mod King

900 Stock- 1st

900 Improved- 1st

Open Stock - 1st

Open Modified - 1st

900 Modified - 2nd

Sam Peterson

That’s a wrap for Jackson Hole 2023!

700 Stock- 2nd

700 Improved- 2nd

900 stock- 4th

1000 stock- 4th

Toby Sheperd

Open Modified - 2nd

600 Modified - 3rd

1000 Improved - 4th

700 Modified - 6th

Tiffany McWilliams

Women Stock 6th in Qualifiers

Women Improved 6th in Qualifiers

Women Modified 6th in Qualifiers

Caden Morrisroe

Juniors 14-18 600 Stock

10th place in Qualifiers

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