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Local Boxers Knockout Competition At Final Frontier Boxing Event (Full Picture Gallery)

Updated: Feb 29

Saturday night the Frontier Event Center hosted The Final Frontier boxing matches. With a handful of local talent stepping in the ring to show off their impressive skills.

Seven matches were scheduled for the night, the final match being local gym owner Eric "Lights Out" Lopez. Eric and his opponent would put on a show and go all four rounds with the decision going to Lopez. The full list of matches and opponents are as follows. (Winner in bold.)

  1. Drake Peirce VS Dre Jenkins TKO

  2. Richard Fritias VS Kyrin Allen TKO

  3. Mike Antonich VS Ryan Smotherman TKO

  4. Zayden Clark VS From Butte, MT (Name Unknown will update)

  5. Andrew Huckeby VS Damien Nesbitt TKO

  6. Kolin Gifford VS Seth Wallace 4th Round Judges decision

  7. Eric Lopez VS Kyrin Allen 4th Round Judges decision

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