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Kiss The Pig Contest Ends With Top Two Contestants Kissing The Pig

Friday night the Dillon Montana Community Foundation wrapped up the Kiss The Pig contest. The way the contest worked jars were placed around town and people voted on the contestant they wanted to win by placing money in the jar with their picture on it. The unfortunate winner got to kiss the pig.

The contestants were Chief Jeremy Alvarez, Council Person Mary Jo O’Rourke, Deputy Sheriff Dave Wendt, Mayor John McGinley, Commissioner Mike McGinley, and Mark McGinley. The contest ran all summer long and wrapped up Friday at the pig barn at the Beaverhead County Fair. The two had picked out a nice shade of lipstick for each other, applied it and waited to see who would win. With Chief Alvarez coming out as the winner and Councilperson O'Rourke coming in second. Both contestants showed true sportsmanship after Chief Alvarez kissed the pig, so did Councilperson O'Rourke. The final results are below.

John McGinley $16.25

Mark McGinley $41.20

Mike McGinley $117.10

David Wendt $229.00

Mary Jo O’Rourke $580.00

Jeremy Alvarez $596.20

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