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Jaycees Demo Derby Offers Smashing Good Time

The Dillon Jaycees demolition derby was back Saturday night. Last year the derby was cancelled due to the pandemic, but Saturday night old cars were brought back to life one more time to test their might. Drivers battled it out in heats to see who would go on to the main match. As always, the action did not disappoint.

In between matches entertainment was provided with a power wheels balloon pop and some UTV barrel racing action. Fans were able to cheer on their favorite racers as they made a clover leaf design around the barrels in an all-out race for the fastest time. Some racers even ended up on their side as they charged the barrels a little too fast.

After all the action was done those who came out on top are:

  • Stock Class - Monty Dobson 1, Coltin Mortaring 2, Gage Hoerning 3

  • Herby - Christopher Peltier 1

  • Class 3 - Shane Kraha 1, Nick Clark 2, Colby Piterson 3

  • UTV Barrel Race - Kyle Ketner 1

  • Grudge match - Justin Clark

  • Kids Power Wheels - Tim Hazlewood

  • Mean Gene - Shane Kraha

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