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It's A Wonderful Life Equals A Wonderful Play

Take a step back into time as you enter the small auditorium at the University of Montana Western and enjoy a new take on the popular movie It's A Wonderful Life.

First let’s take a look at what this play is based off of. It's a Wonderful Life is the story of George Bailey. George has always been a man of character who has made a huge impact in his community, most times putting his own wants aside to help others. When George's Uncle misplaces the deposit his nemesis Mr. Potter threatens to have him arrested. Feeling at the end of his rope George considers suicide. In comes Clarence, his guardian angel who changes George’s outlook on life by showing him what the world would be like if he was never born.

Now that you have the quick rundown of the story, let's get to the play, produced by the University of Montana Western's theater students. It gives you a glimpse into the 1940's as radio station WBFR gives a live reading of the play for its listeners. A cast of nine people play multiple characters and personalities as the story progresses. In the background a sound effects "foley" helps to give the feel of breaking glass, punches to the chin, and all too familiar snowstorm.

You really feel like a fly on the wall watching the magic unfold, thinking of all the families gathered around the radio for the night to hear the production. Signs light up for applause from the audience, and you even get a few intermissions with some catchy commercials.

With a talented cast at the helm this play really begins to take form as George Bailey starts out as a sharped dressed man in a business suit and slowly begins to lose the jacket his shirt becomes ruffled and he starts to look more and more like the rundown and out man he becomes as he contemplates suicide.

If you are looking for a fun evening over this weekend, I would highly recommend you check out A Live Radio Play It's A Wonderful Life.

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