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Idaho Street Water Project Update Week Of 08/30/2022

Plan for the week of Aug 29- Sept 4. As you can see, curbing is under way. they should finish putting in the curb with the curb machine today. They took out a run yesterday that wasn't quite right but it will be repoured today. We are hoping to pour the grout in the gap behind the curb Wednesday and Thursday. pouring the sidewalk patches will continue this week as well and will hopefully be done this week as well. The streets will be smoothed up and all cones removed and the streets reopened Thursday for traffic and we will pull out for the weekend festivities until Tuesday. Tom from Acme asphalt is planning on patching the half block of Bannack and a few other stray patches around town this week as well and we plan on closing Idaho street again next week to begin the main paving operations on Idaho street.

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