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Idaho Street Water Project Hits Unmarked Water Line Shutting Down Water On Portion Of Idaho St.

The Idaho St. water project today hit a little bit of a snag as construction crews came upon a line that was not on any city plans. Water began to bubble up from the ground as the crew was digging in for the new lines. The waterline they struck was not any any city plans. They have begun shutting off water on Idaho street from City Hall to Sweetwater Coffee. The repair time now is undetermined, if you live on Idaho or have a business in this section you will be with out water for a undisclosed amount of time today.

Updated 04/20/2022 11:20 A.M. Water has been restored to businesses on Idaho St.

City employees shut off the water on Idaho St.

Crews work to pump water away from the digging area to begin repairing the line.

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