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Hunting Permit Drawing Results Now Available

The wait is over as the deer and elk permit drawing is complete, just 12 days after the application deadline.

With the new online application process adopted over the past two years, FWP can complete the drawing much faster than in years past. The wait used to take more than two months. Now it takes less than two weeks.

“I thank our customers for adapting and working with us. We know the change has presented challenges to some,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks director Hank Worsech. “You can now start the fun of the planning process with your family and friends!”

This year, hunters came out in record numbers to apply for permits and purchase licenses in advance of the April 1 deadline. More than 82,384 residents and 16,650 nonresidents applied for elk and deer permits. That’s a 12.48 percent and 29.52 percent increase over last year, respectively.

And even though this year’s wait time was much shorter than in years past, the new ExploreMT licensing system slated to be online in 2022 will allow for the application process to be even more customer friendly, and the drawing even quicker.

“Making sure people had a good experience was a huge team effort from our staff across the state,” Worsech said. “We’re investing a lot of time and effort in customer service. This year was a great example, and we look to improve even more.”

The growth in license sales and applicants also shows the value Montanans and visitors to our state place on hunting opportunities and the abundant wildlife resource FWP manages.

“The people who buy licenses and come here to hunt are important partners in managing and protecting these resources,” Worsech said. “Without them, we can’t do all the work we do.”

There are a few ways to get your drawing results. Visit, click on “MyFWP Login” in the upper righthand corner, then click on “Lookup Draw Results, Register for Lists” tab on the left-hand menu, or login to your MyFWP account. You may also sign up for an account at Applicants may also call any FWP regional office or the licensing office at 406-444-2950.

Deadline reminders: The deadline to apply for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and bison is Saturday, May 1; the deadline to apply for elk B, deer B, and antelope is Tuesday, June 1. All applications must be completed online or at an FWP office. Most FWP offices with license sales are open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5p.m.

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