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Governor Greg Gianforte today announced his support for SB 65, legislation sponsored by Senator Fitzpatrick designed to offer liability protections to businesses, health care providers, places of worship, and nonprofit organizations that follow public health guidelines to combat the spread of COVID-19.

In a letter to the Senate Business and Labor Committee, Governor Gianforte emphasized the importance of protecting health care providers who are working to mitigate the threat of COVID-19 and care for their patients.

Governor Gianforte writes, “I appreciate that SB 65 begins by offering protections to those who care for our residents during the pandemic, including by limiting the civil liability of health care providers and manufacturers of COVID-19-related products under certain circumstances. Such health care providers and manufacturers remain especially vital to the state’s ongoing pandemic response and current initiatives to protect the most vulnerable Montanans.”

The governor also highlighted how this legislation provides incentives for businesses to follow public health guidelines, practice personal responsibility, and encourage others to do the same.

“Montana’s economic comeback is largely dependent on the ability of all business sectors to operate without fear of being sued when following, and in compliance with, current public health guidance,” Governor Gianforte writes. “By offering protection from civil liability, SB 65 ultimately incentivizes our business owners to take personal responsibility and promote actions that advance public health.”

SB 65 provides the liability protections that Governor Gianforte described earlier this week.

At a Tuesday press conference, Governor Gianforte emphasized, “We need to protect businesses and schools from lawsuits if they make a good faith effort to protect individuals from the spread of coronavirus and follow clear public health guidelines. To combat the virus, I believe providing incentives and promoting personal responsibility are more effective than imposing impractical mandates.”

To read the full letter click HERE.

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