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Governor Bullock Enacts New COVID-19 Guidelines Starting 11/20/2020

As COVID cases rise in Montana and hospitals have reached maximum capacity, many hospitals have set up additional beds, but cases are still climbing. This has exhausted medical resources.

Governor Bullock has enacted a new set of COVID mandates that will go into effect on Friday, November 20th. They are as follows:

  • Expanding mask directive, every county no matter the case count mask are mandatory.

  • Limit public gatherings, restaurants, bars, breweries, and casinos can only be at fifty percent capacity, and must close by 10 P.M. Restaurants can have a maximum of 6 people per a table, with mandatory 6' social distancing between tables.

  • All public gatherings that social distancing cannot be adhered to is limited to 25 people. This does not affect schools, or places of worship.

Gov. Bullock stated that a complete shutdown is not possible due to the lack of action on the federal government's part.

Businesses that have received previous grants will be eligible for a third round of grants. This time around they will have to check a box saying they will be following the mandated COVID guidelines.

For people who are on unemployment due to loss of job related to COVID, they will be eligible for an additional $200 payment that will last a four-week period. He also announced an additional three million in funding for the foodbank networks to help families in need during the holidays.

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