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Gov. Gianforte to Pres. Biden: Halt Afghan Resettlements Until Vetting System Is Reformed

Governor Greg Gianforte today reiterated his request to President Biden that he immediately halt Afghan resettlements in Montana until the Biden administration guarantees its refugee vetting system is reformed.

Referring to an Afghan humanitarian evacuee who recently was charged with felony rape in Missoula, Gov. Gianforte wrote in a letter to Pres. Biden, “Tragic events over the last few weeks, including one in Montana, have brought to the front issues with your vetting system. The system requires a careful, immediate reevaluation.

He continued, “As governor, the safety, security, and wellbeing of Montanans is my top priority. Therefore, I request an immediate halt to Afghan resettlements in Montana until your administration satisfactorily responds, in writing, to the following requests already communicated to the White House and guarantees that its refugee vetting system will be reformed.”

The requests are as follows:

  1. Explain how the federal government vetted the Afghan national now charged with felony rape in Missoula, Montana, and what was missed during the process;

  2. Detail reforms that will be made to the Biden administration’s refugee vetting system to ensure that future Afghans placed in Montana are properly and fully vetted; and

  3. Commit that the federal government will assume all costs associated with the accused individual’s prosecution, incarceration, and potential deportation.

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