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Goose Fire Update For 07/14/2021


An overnight infrared mapping flight more accurately mapped the fire at

3,790 acres. The fire moved along FS Trail 8388 to the west/southwest,

approximately a 1/2 mile north of Elk Lake. The prescribed fire north of

Elk Lake from earlier this year and last year's fire to the east of the lake are

helping to slow the forward progression of the fire to the south. In

addition, the road and the lake itself will assist as barriers that lack

vegetation. The fire has not crossed the handline constructed on the

southeast side of the fire west of Elk Lake Road.

To the north, crews will continue securing areas of concentrated heat on

the northeastern flank by digging handline and "plumbing" the area with

hoses and water-handling equipment. Aerial resources will be assisting

ground crews with bucket drops and with monitoring fire movement.

Engine crews are patrolling and monitoring around area structures,

including around the lakes and along the road system north of Elk Lake

Resort. Heavy equipment resources along Jackpine Road continue to make

1/4-1/2 mile of progress a day on establishing a wide fuel break,

connecting the road to the West Fork, to use for potential future burn



Today's forecast calls for smoky and mostly sunny skies. High

temperatures should reach the low 80s. North winds 8-12 mph, with gusts

to 15 mph, are predicted. Relative humidity will fall below 20%, resulting

in drier conditions.

The fire will likely continue to smolder in heavy, dead fuels in the

southeast area of the fire. Fire progression to the south is expected in the

timber on the northwest side of Elk Lake, in the Brimstone Creek area.

The fire is expected to continue moving at a rate of 1/4 to 1/2 mile per day

when fuels, wind, and topography align. Single and group tree torching

and short crown runs are expected. Spotting distances up to 1/2 mile are



The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest announced extended area

closures to include the Antelope Prong boat launch and the Wade Lake,

Hilltop, and Cliff Point campgrounds. Refunds for reservations will be

processed by The current closure boundary is likely to

expand, given recent fire movement. Official closure information can be


The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest moved into Stage 1 Fire

Restrictions yesterday. Campfires and stove fires (including charcoal

barbecues and grills) are prohibited in the area unless using permanent fire

pits or fire grates within developed recreation sites. Smoking, unless in a

vehicle, a building, or an area 3 feet in diameter cleared of vegetation, is

also restricted.

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