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Goose Fire Update


The Goose Fire started on July 1, 2021. Initial attack forces responded

to suppress the fire, initially located in a 250-acre rock slide area,

inaccessible to crews. On the afternoon of July 9, the fire moved

easterly, south of Cliff Lake and north of Hidden Lake and up onto the

Hidden Lake Bench. Several air tankers dropped retardant to slow

further progression eastward, aiding the crews on the ground. The fire

burned into sagebrush and grass fuels, where it lost radiant heat and

died down. These lighter fuels are more favorable for suppression

tactics. The fire remained active in the timber stringer along the chain

of lakes on the east side. Local resources were on-scene throughout the

night. A more accurate overnight aerial mapping of the area estimated

the fire to be 691 acres.

Firefighters will continue work to create fuel breaks along adjacent

roads (Jackpine Road on the north and west flanks), in preparation for

potential burnout operations. Crews will work to minimize fire

progression in heavier fuels and limit northeast progression towards the

private structures approximately 5-6 miles away.


High pressure continues to build across the region, resulting in

continued hot and dry conditions. Winds will gust up to 25 mph today

and lessen overnight and into tomorrow. On Sunday, as the high

pressure system breaks down, winds are forecast to be northwesterly

between 8-17 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Temperatures are expected

to be in the low to mid 80s, with relative humidity in the single digits

through the weekend.


Fire behavior is anticipated to be moderate today with individual and

group tree torching in the rockslide area. Short-range spotting up to a

quarter of a mile has been observed over the last several days and will

likely occur more frequently as the fire reaches the edge of the

rockslide area. In the grass and sage area to the south of the fire, rapid

rates of spread and higher flame lengths are expected.


The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest will be implementing a

closure of the area surrounding the Goose fire for public and

firefighting safety.


The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest moved into Stage 1 Fire

Restrictions yesterday. Campfires and stove fires (including charcoal

barbecues and grills) are prohibited in the area unless using permanent

fire pits or fire grates within developed recreation sites. Smoking,

unless in a vehicle, a building, or an area 3 feet in diameter cleared of

vegetation, is also restricted.

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