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Goose Fire Doubles In Size


Due to strong winds associated with the passage of a cold front, the fire

doubled in size over the past 24 hours according to overnight aerial

mapping. The infrared mapping shows the fire at 2,214 acres, with the

majority of the fire's expansion north, toward the southern end of Cliff

Lake. The fire crossed the handline previously established on the

southwest side of Cliff Lake. Crews are now scouting areas to put in

new line north of the fire.

As a precautionary safety measure, fire managers worked with Madison

County Sheriff's Office to move people out of the Wade Lake, Hilltop,

and Cliff Point campgrounds due to increased fire behavior and

northerly fire progression. These campgrounds are now closed, per the

Forest's expanded closure. Engines were on-scene at various structures

throughout the night.

The handline on the east side of Cliff Lake is now complete and

effectively holding the fire from moving further north in that area.

Previous retardant drops, northeast of Hidden Lake, are effectively

preventing the fire from spreading eastward currently. Heavy

equipment is continuing to strengthen the fireline along Jackpine

Gulch Road northwest of the fire for use in future burn operations. All

resources will work to strengthen lines and fuel breaks, connecting to

natural barriers and existing roads.


Today's forecast calls for temperatures in the low 90s and relative

humidity at 10-15%. Winds are forecast to be 6-11 mph with gusts up

to 20 mph from the north/northwest. There is a chance for

thunderstorms this afternoon and evening; little to no precipitation is


Overnight infrared mapping indicated numerous spot fires and active

fire intensity on the northern portion of the fire. Fire activity is

forecast to be most active in the northeast area of the fire today. Direct

winds and slope alignment could produce short crown runs and

spotting up to 1/2 mile.

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