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FWP Seeks Comment On Several Proposals For December Commission Meeting

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public comment on several proposals slated to go to the Fish and Wildlife Commission in December. Comment is open through Nov. 18.

After public comment, commissioners can offer amendments to the proposals as they see fit. The proposals and supporting documents, commissioner amendments and collected public comment will be available on the FWP website on Dec. 2.

The commission will make a final decision on these proposals at its December meeting, which is currently scheduled for Dec. 16.

Approved commercial bait seining waters, 2023-24

For 2023-2024, FWP proposes 10 changes to the approved commercial bait seining waters to clarify where commercial seining can occur, add commercial seining opportunity and to remove some waters based on population abundance or overall fishery conservation concerns.

Adjustments to big game regulations for 2023 season

FWP is proposing amendments to license-permit type quotas and quota ranges and hunting district boundaries listed below.

  • Proposed amendments to quotas or quota ranges for:

    • Antelope license-permit types 340-30, 350-30, and 370-30

    • Elk license-permit types 380-01 and 380-02

    • Mule deer license-permit type 370-01.

  • Proposed amendments to boundaries for:

    • Antelope HD 360

    • Deer/Elk HD 360

    • Moose HDs 330, 332 and 333

City of Lewistown Urban Deer Management Plan

FWP supports approval of Lewistown’s Deer Management Action Plan.

Rock Creek (Paradise Valley) water right lease

FWP proposes a water right lease agreement on Rock Creek in the Paradise Valley. The lease would benefit Yellowstone cutthroat trout.

Big Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) addition

FWP proposes purchasing approximately 115 acres adjacent to Big Lake WMA. The property provides valuable habitat for waterfowl and would benefit management of the entire WMA, reducing the workload for both FWP and the neighboring ranch.

To comment and for more information on these proposals, go online to

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