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From The Grand Ole Opry To Carnegie Hall: UMW Student Brigid Reedy Shares Her Talents Across The Country

Brigid Reedy, a Montana Western student and talented singer, songwriter, and artist who has toured the country performing on some of the nation's biggest stages will now add to her impressive resume as she prepares to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Friday, March 22, 2024 as part of the “Roll On, Cowboys with Andy Hedges & Friends” show presented by the National Ranching Heritage Center.

Reedy is a current fourth-year student at the University of Montana Western who is pursuing a BS in Natural Horsemanship (NH) and BA in English. Reedy grew up in the small ranching community of Waterloo, Montana (near Whitehall) where her upbringing was rich in art, poetry, and equestrianism. Since a young age, she has had a passion for performing and has developed into one of the most renowned young voices in Western Americana music and poetry. 

Some of her accolades include a profile in Western Horseman and a story in Alta Magazine. She has been featured on Andy Hedges the “Cowboy Crossroads” podcast and appears on Hedge’s 2023 album “Roll on, Cowboys”. This album has led to Reedy performing around the country on some of the biggest stages, including the iconic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Often referred to as the “most famous stage in country music,” the Grand Ole Opry has hosted some of the genre’s biggest stars including Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Willy Nelson, and Elvis Presley. 

Now Reedy will have another opportunity to perform at one of America’s most historic music venues, Carnegie Hall. Since it opened in 1891, Carnegie Hall has set the international standard for musical excellence as the aspirational destination for the world’s finest artists. From Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Mahler, and Bartók to George Gershwin, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Judy Garland, and The Beatles, an honor roll of music-making artists representing the finest of every genre has filled Carnegie Hall throughout the years.

When asked if she was looking forward to her upcoming Carnegie Hall performance, Brigid humbly said, “I’ve been performing since I was two years old, and I’ve always treated every stage with the same amount of respect, excitement, and preparation whether I’m going to perform for four people or four thousand. I’m going to give them my best show and the best quality and I’m going to be constantly pushing myself to improve.” 

Beyond being a talented artist, Reedy excels as a student at Montana Western and is committed to her academics despite her busy schedule as a musician. As a double major, she has taken on heavy course loads including a semester where she was enrolled in 24 credit hours. 

Reedy was approached by Iola “Olie” Else, Instructor of Equine Studies, who encouraged her to consider pursuing a degree in Natural Horsemanship in addition to an English major due to her background in agriculture and experience working with horses. Olie recognized the cultural significance of Reedy’s career, affectionately referring to her two degrees combined as her “cowboy poetry degree.”

As part of Reedy’s NH degree, she had the opportunity to participate in a unique capstone course as a guest instructor at The Thacher School, a private co-educational boarding school in Ojai, California. Here, she honed her teaching skills under the guidance of The Thacher School teacher and Horse Department Director, Trinity Seely. She also gained valuable experience as a clinic assistant with Tammy Pate at Great Sand Dunes National Park, focusing on rider awareness and horsemanship training.

In Dillon, Reedy apprentices with local master saddle-maker, George Holt, where she spends time soaking up traditional leather-working skills and Holt’s experiences of a life in the saddle. An extensive exhibit of her leatherwork was recently curated and on display at Montana Western’s Fine Arts Gallery.

Reedy expresses gratitude for the many opportunities UMW has provided her. She emphasizes the unparalleled support and communication from professors that enable her to pursue an ambitious academic journey. Montana Western’s unique block scheduling system allows Reedy to focus on one subject at a time, work ahead, and benefit from one-on-one time with professors because of the low student to faculty ratio. The flexibility of the block system has enabled her to balance her college life, family commitments, and professional career seamlessly.

“The type of experience Western has afforded me is unlike anything I could’ve imagined getting at any other university,” said Reedy.

To learn more about Reedy and her music, visit For more information about the University of Montana Western, visit or call 877-683-7331. 

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