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Friday Night in Dillon: Trump Train, Witches On Bikes, and Honoring The Fallen

Tonight is Halloween eve and it feels about right on the streets of Dillon The night started with a caravan of about 40 vehicles that gathered at Ray Lynch Park and drove through town honking and waving flags to show support for Trump.

According to the organizer Harv Lake they started with around 20 cars and had about 20 more join during the parade. The event was described as:

Come for a fun time showing support for President Donald Trump. We will show our colors and support with a noisy drive from the north end of town to the south and back to the north.

Remember to follow all traffic laws. Cameras will be abundant. Show your best side.

As the Trump Train was wrapping up, we got a call that witches were gathering at the Old Depot park. Heading to the park, a circle of about thirty witches with bikes and brooms had gathered. As the head Witch laid down the ground rules, they mounted their brooms and traveled the streets of Dillon, cackling along the way.

SWMT was able to talk with one of the attendees.

"Legend has it witches must gather on Halloween eve in the town square. From there they must ride throughout the town cackling along the way. This event started out with about 5 witches 3 years ago, but through chatter of the spirits, it has grown to the crowd you see today."

The final stop of the night for SWMT was a sobering one. On Sunday, October 25th, tow truck operators William Casie Allen of Reed Point and Nicholas Ryan Visser of Billings were killed after they were hit by a passing vehicle while trying to recover a vehicle in the snow on Interstate 90. To honor them, the local towing companies along with first responders held a procession through the streets of Dillon. May this be a reminder as you travel the roadways to always slow down and move over for emergency vehicles on the road.

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