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Final Night of Rodeo Winners and Picture Gallery

The final night of the PRCA Rodeo hosted by the Dillon Jaycees did not disappoint. All the contestants came out knowing it was the last performance of the weekend, and the last shot at a paycheck. The steer seemed to catch on early in the steer wrestling that if they came out and stopped the cowboy would ride pass them. The bulls seemed angry last night as they gave the cowboys a ride for their life. The barrel racers pushed it to the limits one even coming in to the first turn a little too hot, and the Ramblin Rose drill team did not disappoint. A huge shout out to our Jaycees for adapting to this year’s pandemic and still having a great show. The final standings are as follows:

Steer Wrestling

  1. Curtis Cassidy 3.3

  2. Jace Melvin 3.5

  3. Chance Gartner 3.5

  4. Sam Shelton 3.8


  1. Richmond Champion 87.00

  2. Caleb Bennett 87.00

  3. Clay Stone 86.00

  4. Nate S, McFadden 80.50

Team Roping

  1. Bird/Sporer 4.5

  2. Sherwood/Yates 4.6

  3. Schmidt/Koch 4.7

  4. Massengill/Pulham 4.7

Tie Down Roping

  1. Ryan Jarrett 8.1

  2. Haven Meged 8.2

  3. John Douch 8.5

  4. Tyson Durfey 8.7

Barrel Racing

  1. Cheyenne Wimberley 17.13

  2. Tiany Schuster 17.35

  3. Nellie Miller 17.36

  4. Donna Kay Rule 17.38

Bull Riding

  1. Shane Proctor 85.00

  2. Preston Louis 84.50

  3. Beau Nordahl 82.50

  4. Hawk Whitt 81.00

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