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FFA Degree Recipients

This year's State FFA Degree recipients:

  • Samantha Anderson

  • Andrew Egan

  • William Ellis

  • Clinton Ford

  • Faye Holland

  • Katie Johnson

  • Bridger Kemph

  • Kaydyn Nelson

  • Clancy Setzer

Conrad results:

Vet Science - 1st place team - Katie Johnson (2nd individual), Savanna Freitas (9th individual), Taylor Yecny (10th individual), Eli Johnson, Molli Miner, Winona Wagoner, Kenndyl Meine, Bridget Lovaas

Ag Mechanics - 11th place team - Porter Hopman, Chase Brown, Will Ellis, Clinton Ford, Asher Burch, Athan Graham, Morgan Heiland, Cole Webster

Agronomy - didn't have a full team due to kids missing for tournaments, both Brekken Venn and Faye Holland placed in the top 40 individually.

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