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Early Childhood Coalition Opening "The Village"

The Early Childhood Coalition is opening up a non-profit indoor play space for families to access active and developmentally appropriate play year round, especially during cold winter months when the park may not be a safe option for young children.

This space will be called "The Village" as in it takes a village to raise a child. We are hoping this new space can be a hub for families to connect and support one another in the challenging and exciting early childhood years. The Village will be located in the basement of the Mary Innis Building on 225 East Reeder Street.

In addition to active play and developmentally appropriate toys and activities, The Village will also host free parenting education and support groups for different demographics of parents and caregivers including postpartum support groups and support groups for parents with children who have a disability.

Children play at The Village in the basement of the old Mary Innis School house

The grand opening will be this Saturday 01/15/2022 from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. As COVID cases and other seasonal illnesses are currently high we ask that all adults wear a mask to protect children's health. We will not be asking children 0 to 5 to mask. The first visit for all is free, subsequent fee schedules and memberships will be posted at The Village and on the Early Childhood Coalition's Facebook page.

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