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DMS Students Conclude Cancer Campaign By Presenting Check To Teacher Fighting Cancer

Dillon Middle School students celebrated the conclusion of their cancer campaign Friday afternoon with a color run and other crafts. This event organized by School Counselor Channon Williams has been going on for a few years and the students have raised over $40,000.

This year’s campaign had a very special twist to it. The students gathered on the football field behind the school to unveil the amount they raised in the campaign. The students had been campaigning and fundraising since January. The students unrolled a paper made to look like a check in the amount of $3,415. But the check had a name on it instead of a cancer foundation.

This year the students wanted to do something special for a teacher who has been battling cancer. They chose to donate the funds to their teacher; Shellie Broeder, a Dillon Middle School teacher who was diagnosed with cancer and has been bravely fighting cancer this year along with teaching. She was unaware of the students’ choice and joined them on the football field with her family. The students unrolled the check and to her surprise it had her name on it.

After the initial shock wore off, she addressed the students and thanked them for accepting her with no hair or eyebrows when she came back to teach. She thanked them for the donation and the compassion they have shown towards her. Later in the day she was able to sign the Pink Firetruck as someone who has battled cancer.

Teachers walk the "catwalk modeling the tie dye shirts the students will make

Teachers walk the "catwalk modeling the tie dye shirts the students will make

Teacher Shellie Broeder and her family react to the check they are presented

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