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Dillon Volunteer Fire Dept June Call Log

DVFD responded to 17 calls for service during the month of June 2023.

  • 06-04 Bannack St Gas Odor

  • 06-04 I-15 MM 44 MVA

  • 06-05 Hwy 41 MM2 MVA

  • 06-06 I-15 S MM 51 MVA

  • 06-06 Birch Creek MVA

  • 06-07 Poindexter/Atlantic MVA

  • 06-08 S Montana Fire Alarm

  • 06-10 N Montana Fire Alarm

  • 06-11 I-15 N MM 36 MVA

  • 06-11 I-15 S MM 52 MVA

  • 06-11 S Argenta Smoke Odor

  • 06-12 N Colorado Gas Odor

  • 06-13 N Montana Gas Odor

  • 06-14 Laknar Ln Fire Alarm

  • 06-15 I-15 N MM 61 MVA

  • 06-24 Saddle Dr Gas Odor

  • 06-25 Laknar/Schular MVA/Powerline down

The remainder of our firefighters completed the RT 130 wildland refresher course in

June. We had several members that completed the ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700 and ICS-

800. To prepare for wildland fire season we spent one training night training on and

pumping the Type 6 Engines and another night with the tenders backflushing and drafting

at the dry hydrants around our district. Two members attended the DNRC CAT Camp in

Helena, which is a wildland fire scenario, for two days. One member also attended

Hazmat awareness and operations class. Several applicants were tested and interviewed

in hope of becoming the next DVFD firefighters. Seven members attended the demolition

derby to provide extrication and fire suppression if needed. Thank you for your continued

support of the Dillon Volunteer Fire Department.

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