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Dillon Volunteer Fire Department Call Log For April

Dillon Volunteer Fire Department responded to 19 calls during the month of April 2021.

04-02 False alarm S Idaho St

04-04 Grass fire Adams Ln

04-05 Grass fire False alarm Sunset Ln

04-06 MVA Hwy 41 & Nissen Ln

04-07 Grass fire Crystal Ln

04-09 MVA Blacktail Rd

04-11 CO Alarm S Pacific St

04-12 Structure fire Creston Ln

04-13 CO Alarm Chestnut St

04-13 Follow up on Creston Ln fire

04-15 Barn fire Stonehouse Rd

04-15 MVA I-15 MM 47

04-15 Gas odor E Sebree St

04-16 Grass fire False alarm I-15

04-17 Grass Fire Mutual Aid Burma Rd

04-18 CO Alarm N Montana St

04-19 MVA I-15 MM51

04-23 Gas leak Southside Blvd

04-29 MVA I-15 MM 62

We trained on primary search & communication on 04-14

Drafting from water source for Wildland Tenders & Type 6 Engines 04-20

Completed the wildland fitness/pack test on 04-26

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