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"Dillon's Best Kept Secret"

Dillon is a very magical place, both to locals and people visiting every day. And should you seek out the true treasures here, one of your first stops would be Emporium 406. This unique and authentic little shop is a welcome distraction to people young and old.

This store is so special because where else can you find a plethora of Made in Montana products, autographed posters, and collectables from some of Hollywood’s most noteworthy stars, quirky home goods and attire, and so much more? The answer is simple: downtown Dillon, Montana.

To know and love Emporium406, you might first need a history lesson. What exactly is the definition for Emporium?

According to the ever-helpful Google, ‘emporium’ refers to: A large retail shop or store. Emporium (antiquity), places which the traders of one country had reserved to their business interests within the territory of another country. Emporium (Rome), the river port of ancient Rome. Emporium (early medieval), an early medieval European trading post.

Ron Carroll, owner of Emporium 406, has made great use of the term ‘emporium’ in his store. He began this dream two years ago in the old Turret building, but quickly outgrew the small space. Luckily, he didn’t have to travel far to offer his customers a true emporium experience. Emporium 406 now resides at 34 N Idaho St Suite C. With just a peek into the store’s large windows, you can see his creation expanding and changing up each and every day.

Should you step through the front doors, you are greeted with a wide array of Ron’s collections he has garnered in the few years of business. The wider space has allowed him to showcase the autographed merchandise and memorabilia, which range from sports icons like Buster Douglas to rock icons including Alice Cooper, as well as signed movie and television posters.

Take a few steps deeper into the store and you’re greeted with a vast collection of adult and children’s Montana apparel, a great selection of unique jewelry, and home goods for all holidays and occasions. Whatever you’re looking for, Emporium 406 has it.

Some of the big sellers in Ron’s store include a large selection of Made in Montana fleece blankets, baby and kid clothing, and trinkets you can keep for yourself or gift to family and friends. If you enter this shop, chances are you won’t leave empty handed.

Another specialty of Emporium406 is Ron himself. He is a self-taught magician, which can come in handy when bringing the little ones in. Not only can you watch his magic tricks unfold before your eyes, but within his shop, he sells his very own children’s book, Marvelous Marvin’s Magical Moment, which helps others learn the tools of the trade.

Likewise, Ron has always held a soft spot in his heart for Dillon. His roots run deep in this small town, being a Dillon native. Before owning Emporium406, he spent 23 years in the Montana National Guard as a career counselor. After serving the guard, he worked for the Montana Youth Challenge as the Marketing Director.

When Ron was ready to retire, he decided to invest in a special shopping opportunity Dillon so desperately needed, and the store we know as Emporium406 was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, if you’re looking for that store with no pressure but all the feels from your inner nerd or childhood, you should take a chance on Emporium406.

Always the appreciative fellow, Ron would like to thank his behind-the-scenes helper Chelsey Hutchison and the Dillon community for the support they have given him. He plans on continuously promoting Dillon, Montana through his store and is excited to share with you all his exclusive finds for the holiday season. Why not stop in at Emporium406 for your holiday needs and enjoy a free bag of popcorn? Smiles guaranteed.

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