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Dillon Police Department Officers' Quick Thinking Helps Save Injured Man's Life

The Laird family would like to thank officer Rumsey for his quick thinking and fast response to an accident that happened on New Years. Examples like this remind us how lucky we are to have such dedicated officers in our community.

Just hours into the new year, my husband was severely injured, resulting in the severing of two arteries in his hand.

Officer Rumsey was the first to arrive. He expedited the ambulance, but then made the decision to immediately transport via patrol car. Officer Rumsey returned to check on us and stayed with us to offer support.

The ER team struggled to manage the severity of the situation and while they worked diligently, Officer Rumsey assisted to relay information. The weather impeded a speedy transport to a trauma center and Officer Rumsey kept me calm as the hours wore on and the situation became more dire.

6 hours later the plane landed in Hamilton, and then they ambulance my husband to St. Pats where he underwent over six hours of surgery.

Multiple trauma surgeons explained to me the gravity of the situation and the amount of blood that was lost. They also said that Officer Rumsey saved my husband's life by rushing him to the ER and not waiting for the ambulance.

Though we have a long road to recovery, he is still with us. Officer Rumsey's quick thinking, calm and professional response is the only reason why my husband is still with us.

Officer Rumsey, from the bottom of our hearts, we may never be able to convey how thankful we are that you are for the reason our family is still whole.


Kodi, Chance & Lilith Laird

A Meal Train account has been set up to help with meals for the family as they negotiate these times. If you would like to help out you can do so here.

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