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Dillon Police Department Issues Statement On 12/17 TikTok Challenge

The Dillon Police Department is working with the local school districts concerning a dangerous Tik Tok “challenge” that is supposed to take place tomorrow, Friday, December 17, 2021. The “challenge” is not specific to our community, but is reportedly nationwide.

The challenge allegedly encourages people/ students to call threats in to schools or to bring weapons into school. We are concerned with the potential dangers and disruptions any of this behavior could bring to our communities.

Anyone who has a desire for “15-seconds of fame” are choosing to put themselves and others in danger. Participates may be committing a felony crime and risk tarnishing their future. It is simply not worth the consequences. Any participation in any such threatening or violent behavior will be not taken lightly and there will be swift response by law enforcement and school officials.

This is a nation wide issue and not specific to Dillon. We are thoroughly investigating anything that remotely hints at a possible issue as always.

We will have extra officers in the schools and will be monitoring all activity throughout the day.

Parents, talk to your children. If anyone has direct information regarding this challenge or any threat at all. Please call 911 now. So not wait to notify law enforcement.

We do not see a credible threat at this time and schools will run as normal on December 17, 2021.

All schools in the country are dealing with this same issue, please trust that we are doing all that we can to protect your family and community. I am confident that the school staff, police, parents, and most importantly the students of Dillon will do the right thing and it will be a normal school day with a bit more police presence.

Don Guiberson

Dillon Chief of Police

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