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Dillon Free Sober Rides Program Offers Safe Transportation Options for Labor Day Weekend Celebration

Dillon, Montana (August 16, 2023)- As Labor Day weekend approaches the city of Dillon is proud to launch their 2023 “Free Sober Rides' ' program, aimed at providing safe and responsible transportation options for local residents and visitors during the holiday festivities.

This initiative, developed in partnership with the Beaverhead County DUI Prevention Task Force and local businesses and community organizations, reflects a commitment to promoting road safety and reducing instances of impaired driving.

“Our mission is crystal clear: to ensure the safety and well-being of our community members. We firmly believe that no one should ever risk driving under the influence. To support this commitment, we proudly offer free sober rides to no only protect our citizens from the dangers of impaired driving, but to also foster a culture of responsibility and care. Let’s all make the choice to save lives, a choice for a safer Dillon, where every journey ends in the arms of loved ones, not in harm's way.” - Monique Schofield, Chair - DUI Prevention Task Force

Labor Day Weekend traditionally marks the end of summer and a time for celebration with family and friends. With increased gatherings and events planned throughout the city of Dillon, the safety of all individuals on the road remains a top priority.

Key program features include:

Complimentary Rides

Throughout the Labor Day Weekend from Thursday, August 31 - Sunday, September 3rd, from 4pm-2am, residents and visitors can avail themselves of free rides. This service is made possible through the generous support of our local sponsors: Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan, The Dillon Jaycees, Vigilante Electric Co-Op, the Beaverhead County DUI Prevention Task Force who are committed to the safety of the community.

Safe and Reliable Transportation

The program will utilize a network of pre-approved and law enforcement trained drivers to provide safe and reliable rides to individuals who may have consumed alcohol or are otherwise impaired.

Extended Operating Hours

The Free Sober Rides” program will extend its operating hours during the holiday weekend, with the goal of accommodating as many individuals as possible providing a convenient alternative to driving under the influence.

Community Collaboration

The success of this initiative hinges on collaboration between local businesses, community organizations, law enforcement agencies, and concerned citizens. By working together, the city of Dillon aims to create a safer environment for all residents.

An omni channel awareness building campaign is in flight with targeted tactics including geo-targeted ads, billboards, campaign landing page, social media, public relations, print advertising, emcee announcements during events, PSA’s, bartender free ride cards, and radio interviews with DUI Prevention Task Force members, and community bulletin boards. The DUI Task Force will also have a digital Venmo wallet set up so riders are able to make donations to the campaign, and tip their drivers.

“As we approach the Labor Day weekend, our primary concern is the safety of our residents and visitors. This initiative underscores our commitment to preventing impaired driving and ensuring that everyone can celebrate responsibly. By offering complimentary rides, we aim to provide a safe and convenient alternative to driving under the influence. Let’s all work together to make this holiday weekend enjoyable and accident-free.” - Chief of Police, Jeremy Alvarez, Dillon Police Department.

The city of Dillon encourages everyone to take advantage of the “Dillon Free Sober Rides” program and make safety a priority during the Labor Day Weekend festivities.

For more information about the program, please visit our website at, or contact:

Maria Emmer-Aanes

Free Sober Rides

Campaign Manager

Beaverhead County DUI Prevention Task Force


Social Media

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