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Dillon Beavers Chew Through Libby Loggers Finish Regular Season Undefeated (Full Photo Gallery)

The Dillon Beavers took to Vigilante Field Friday night with the goal of remaining undefeated. The Libby Loggers goal was to win the game so they could play in the playoffs.

Dillon dominated the game early putting points on the board within minutes of the game starting.

Quarterback Kee Christiansen would make a 64-yard run in the second quarter to help with the 35 to 0 lead going into halftime.

The beavers would receive the ball coming into the second half. Jrney Mataafa would take the return for 75 yards to put another six points on the board. The beavers would put fourteen points on the board in the third quarter in under five minutes.

The Beavers would hold the Loggers to a scoreless game as the Loggers tried to put some points on the board with a final drive.

Beavers will finish the regular season with no losses as they are ranked number one.

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