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Dillon Airport Host The Rare Howard 500

The Dillon Flying Service had a very rare special visitor on Thursday afternoon. The airport was the landing place for a Howard 500. The Howard 500 only had 17 built to the full Howard 500 standards and as of today only two of them exist in flying condition. The plane was built as a high-end private plane before private jets took off. The plane can hold 10 to 14 passengers, has a bathroom in the rear and weighs 23,000lbs empty. It has a maximum speed of 410 mph at sea level and a cruising speed of 350mph. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB17 eighteen-cylinder two-row radial engines, that produce 2,500 hp each.

The magnificent, rare plane was headed back to its new owner and the pilot Bernie White of White’s Aircraft restoration is good friends with Claire and Rand owners of Dillon Flying Service. Dillon was the perfect spot to make a stop for fuel as well as catch up with his friends.

Watching this magnificent plane land at our local airport, I was inspired to do my own research and discovered many aviation enthusiasts track the tail numbers on these two existing planes, in hopes of catching sight of one up close. It was a great reminder that we live in a tight-knit community, and that we should treasure these rare moments. With the help of the Bailey’s, I was able to capture this aircraft in pictures and videos, a treat for the community to witness, and would love to express my gratitude to all involved. Keep on flying, folks!

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