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D.V.F.D. Call Log For April

DVFD responded to 12 calls during the month of April, 2023.

  • 04-02 E Bannack St CO Call

  • 04-04 Selway Dr Fire Alarm

  • 04-05 Apex Grass Fire

  • 04-06 Reeder St Gas Odor

  • 04-09 Downing Ln Grass Fire

  • 04-12 I-15 MM 59 MVA

  • 04-13 Hwy 278 MM 14 MVA

  • 04-18 Legget Ave Powerline Down

  • 04-26 I-15 MM 46 MVA

  • 04-27 Monida Structure Fire (Mutual Aid)

  • 04-29 N Montana St Gas Odor

  • 04-30 N Walnut St Gas Odor

We had firefighters train on S-212 Chainsaw Class, S-219 Firing Boss Class, Response to

Radioactive Incidents Class, First Responder Trauma Training. Our cadets are

continuing with the FF1 training. We also conducted some leadership training. We had

four Montana Youth Challenge cadets spend a couple of afternoons cleaning trucks and

learning about the apparatus.

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