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Cubs & Spuds Fundraiser

The Dillon Cubs have started a fundraiser for the upcoming baseball season. With Andy Bartlome as the new coach for this upcoming season a fundraiser meeting kicked off the event Wednesday night at the Keltz Arena.

The fundraiser will be a potato fundraiser, each Cub will be selling 30lb boxes of frozen french fries, tater tots, and hashbrowns. The boxes will cost $25 each. If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser but don't have a use for that many potato products you can also choose to donate a box to the local food bank. All Orders are due by 5 P.M. on December 7th.

If you would like to place a personal order you can contact Andy or any Cubs member. The orders will be ready for pickup on December 16th at Turney Repair and Towing in Dillon. Support of this fundraiser will help keep the cost down for Cubs players and go to travel expenses, tournament fees, new equipment, umpires, and much more. If you have any questions feel free to contact Andy Bartlome at 406-925-1910.

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