Launches One Day Ahead Of Schedule

The White House website that allows a person to order free COVID-19 test kits directly to your home is operational today 01/18/2022, a day ahead of it's scheduled date of 01/19/2022.

Visitors to on Tuesday were able to click through to a USPS website and order four free rapid antigen test kits per household. The USPS website said the kits would ship in "late January."

According to a fact sheet released by the White House Friday, everyone in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories will be able to place an order through beginning Wednesday. The White House said that tests would ship in between seven to 12 days.

Packages will be sent through USPS First Class mail in the continental U.S. and through Priority Mail in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories.

Orders will be sent first to "households experiencing the highest social vulnerability and in communities that have experienced a disproportionate share of COVID-19 cases and deaths, particularly during this omicron surge."

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