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ConnectMT Program Selects Lightbox For Statewide Broadband Map

The State of Montana announced today it has contracted with Lightbox for construction of the ConnectMT broadband map.

“Lightbox is a proven national leader in cost effective and efficient detailed mapping for state level broadband programs,” stated Department of Administration Director Misty Ann Giles. “This platform will serve as a key component to help ConnectMT reach its goal of deploying broadband throughout Montana to bridge the digital divide."

The ConnectMT program requested assistance from Montana’s internet service providers to help build the statewide broadband map. Providers who conduct business in the state submitted detailed mapping data to Lightbox to help the program start closing the digital divide, increase access to reliable broadband, and create greater long-term opportunities for Montanans.

The completed map will provide a detailed analysis of current broadband service levels throughout Montana while protecting proprietary data and will be used for allocating $266 million to unserved and underserved communities throughout Montana.

“We encourage the public to monitor the State of Montana’s ConnectMT website regarding broadband at for future announcements and development of the ConnectMT Program,” said Broadband Program Manager, Chad Rupe.

LightBox was established in 2019 and is a leading information and technology platform for location analytics.

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