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Community Moment with Tiffany Mcwilliams RMSHA Racer

Today we sat down with Tiffany Mcwilliams and discussed how she became involved in the sport of snowmobile hill climb events and racing.

Tiffany said at 4 months old her mom would sit her on the seat of her snowmobile and take her for a ride in the backcountry. For fun they would go to the races in Jackson Hole, after a couple years of watching them, she decided that is what she wanted to do.

This year she was able to make that dream a reality she placed 6th in the woman's stock class, 2nd in the woman's improved class. She is currently sitting third in the overall points class for the season and hopes to clinch the title this weekend at the RMSHA National Championship at Lost Trail.

She stands out among the other ladies racing as she rides for Artic Cat; she is the only female RMSHA racer who is sponsored by them.

Her other sponsors include:

Power of Touch, The 3-D, Papa, Mom, Gussie's Welding, Hull Trucking, Klim, Hicktown Performance, White Powersports, Russell's Motorsports, and mechanic Jason Nethercott.

You can see the full interview in the video below.

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