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Community Christmas Sing A Holiday Tradition Returns

The BCHS Auditorium was the place to be Sunday night as churches across Dillon, along with a few brave individuals took to the stage to belt out a variety of Christmas and Seasonal tunes. The Community Christmas Sing took place Sunday night. The event was hosted by the Southwest Montana Arts Council and Erin Hughes.

After having to cancel this annual tradition due to COVID the last couple years, last night's performance was a big hit for the crowd that filled the auditorium. With a variety of churches, individuals, and the Teen Tones performing many musical numbers there was a little something for everyone. Those partaking in last night's concert are as follows:

  • BCHS Teen Tones performing II Est Ne, Le Divine Enfant and Winter Wonderland

  • Kelly Weinacht: I Wonder as I Wander

  • Ruth Weinacht along with Kelly Weinacht on harp: Suo Gan (Welsh Christmas Lullaby)

  • The Church of jesus Christ of Later Day Saints: Shine for Me Again Star of Bethlehem and Goin to Bethlehem

  • Kenneth Field, Rafaela Acevedo-Field, and Damiean Guillen: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

  • Grace United Methodist Church: Hymn of Thanks and Christmas Grace

  • Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir Gloria in Excelsis

  • Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir and God’s Kids: Hallelujah God’s Kids also performed Go Tell it on the Mountain

  • Francis Schisler and Molly Graeber performed a Christmas Medley

  • The Lark Quartet: Les Anges Dans Nos Compagnes and the Chanukah Song

After all the acts performed their songs, it was wrapped up with the community joining in and singing Joy to the World and Silent Night. After all was done those in attendance left for the night with a warm feeling of community and the spirit of the season.

You can find the performance below.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints prepares for their song

BCHS Teen Tones perform on Sunday night

Kelly Weinacht performs I Wonder as I Wander

Frances Schisler & Molly Graeber perform a Christmas Medley

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