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Commerce Accepting Applications For Montana Manufacturing Automation Loan Program

The Montana Department of Commerce announces the reopening of application submissions for the Montana Manufacturing Automation Loan Program. This initiative, conducted in collaboration with lending institutions, is designed to assist Montana manufacturers who are seeking to automate or modernize their existing operations, enabling them to upskill their current workforce, which fosters more productivity and efficiency.

Scott Osterman, Director of the Montana Department of Commerce, underscored the program's significance, stating, "The Montana Manufacturing Automation Loan Program represents a pivotal step in supporting Montana's manufacturing enterprises. By offering financial support for equipment upgrades and expansions, we're empowering businesses to reach new heights of productivity and innovation."

Noreen Firearms, LLC, a program participant, highlighted its impact. Owner Phillip Noreen said, "The Montana Department of Commerce's automation loan has been a game-changer for Noreen Firearms. With the acquisition of our state-of-the-art five-axis mill and robot integration system, we've transformed our manufacturing processes. This investment has not only boosted our productivity, but also highlights the incredible potential of human-automation synergy."

To access the application and guidelines, visit this link.

The Montana Manufacturing Automation Loan Program is administered by the Montana Department of Commerce's Business MT Division, which is dedicated to fostering the growth of innovative industries in Montana and to facilitating commerce throughout the state. For more information, visit

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